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March 2017)  |    234 Pages    |   6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

In this follow-up to "The Involuntary Ghostwriter", Jonathan Fry is still reeling from having his life taken over by an unknown force- possibly the Creator, Himself, in order to tell an incredible story. Just as things seem to be falling back into place, Jonathan’s wife, Annie, begins to experience strange influences, herself. It seems that whoever this unknown force is, they have much more to say.
The Ghostwriter’s Wife’s tale of life, love, tribulation and passion weaves together the supernatural with the natural, the impossible with fact, and finality with immortality. Its simplistic, everyday tone makes it both fun to read and believable. A reader is likely to get the sense that they are listening to a storyteller relate extraordinary secrets of the universe and of life, itself. 
Join Annie in the awe and wonder of experiencing Jonathan’s story for herself, and the pain and joy of dealing with the consequences of her actions in The Involuntary Ghostwriter. Join the omniscient storyteller, himself, in his awesome journey to becoming who he truly is.

About the Author

As a young man, his questions led to him to study theology, with the intent of becoming a Presbyterian minister. When his questions led him to doubt much of what he'd been taught and believed, he turned to philosophy, in which he has a degree from Youngstown State University.  Mr. Debelak now lives with his wife in a beautiful old house where he loves sitting on the front porch with a bottle of wine, inciting parties and asking questions, especially his favorites, the ubiquitous "Why?", and, of course, "What if...?"


Author Douglas Debalek does it again in The Ghostwriter's Wife. A story fraught with love, loss, triumph and heartbreak, this sequel to The Involuntary Ghostwriterpulls the reader into another adventure as Jonathan Fry and his wife Annie work through the events in the first book, and the mysterious narrator tells more of his story.  Again, framing the omniscient narrator's tale within the story of Jon and Annie creates a sense of anticipation for the events of both stories, as well as lending a realistic feel to the story that makes it easy for readers to relate to and enthralling.

Any reader looking for a story with the ability to make them laugh, cry, and question the very fabric of the universe and existence will find everything they want and more in The Ghostwriter's Wife. The only downside to this excellently written second part to the saga of the Frys and the life story of the "creator," is that it has a last page!

                               -- Emily Hakkinen, Freelance Editor

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