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What We Are About

Otherwords Press is a small independent press based in New England.

We are interested in high-quality fiction from writers with unique, passionate voices -- specifically mysteries, horror, paranormal, historical fiction, and works with an alternative theme or that explore the depths of the human spirit....

Our aim is to publish work that reaches beyond the mundane -- exceptional writing that is thought-provoking and unexpected.  We seek to connect the world with new and emerging writers who possess strong, unique voices, and stories that move us, terrify us, intrigue and inspire us.

It is not enough to tell a good story -- one must tell a good story well.

Please note:


We do not print sci-fi, fantasy, magic, magical realism, zombies, werewolves, vampires, artificial intelligence, robot, romance, erotica, or "chick lit." Please see our imprint, Inklings for information on some of those genres.


While we are primarily a fiction publisher, we will consider nonfiction with a strong connection to Victorian or Edwardian history, alternative histories, psychology, mental health, architecture and art 


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