Dark Ink Press is proud to announce a new imprint, INKLINGS.


Inklings focuses on quality genre fiction such as magical realism, supernatural and paranormal. Epic fantasy and hardcore sci-fi is not quite our thing, but soft sci-fi/speculative and it's sub-genres (dystopian, apocalyptic), and slipstream might be considered. Of interest is genres as social commentary.

Our focus is on producing genre fiction with literary quality -- the craft of the writing should wow us as much as the story itself. We want writing that is bold, tight, musical, rich and woven. Think: Ray Bradbury, Alice Hoffman, Ursula K. LeGuin. 

We are also interested in YA fiction that is uses genres to explore teens and young adults through imaginative genre storytelling,  daring adventures that have diverse heroes and partnerships, or stories of a darker nature delve deep, unsettle and thrill. Think: A.S. King (and if you do not know her, but write genre YA, she needs to be required reading!), Ingrid Law, and Kimberly McCreight.  We want stories that takes chances, breaks molds, represent, and makes us think, feel, reflect! We champion tolerance and diversity!

We are not general YA romance, straight contemporary or the YA version of "chic lit" -- definitely not our thing! And please nothing graphic or unnecessarily gory.

We are selective, publishing just a few books a year, and accept a limited number of submissions between September and November.

If you are a writer with a passion for carefully crafted prose of a genre nature, send us your best work!

Please be sure to carefully read our submission guidelines!

Many thanks to Melissa Volker for the creation of Oliver Otherwords.

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