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JUNE 2018  |    368 Pages    |    6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

She loved him before he became the Führer – how can she not love him now?

As World War Two dawns across Europe, The Berghof stands in the idyllic Obersalzburg Valley, battle lines already drawn. Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress since 1929, is preparing to fight for her place by the Führer’s side and win a place for herself in history. As her ambition hurls her into conflict with the Nazi wives that rule The Berghof, her desperation to suffocate any rivals for his affections forces a dangerous ultimatum on the Führer – herself or his beloved half-sister, Angela Hammitzsch. 

But Eva’s heart is her most treacherous enemy as it turns towards the handsome and barbaric S.S. Officer, Hermann Fegelein, and tempts her with a world beyond the crumbling Reich, beyond her desire for fame, and beyond the world’s most dangerous man…but only if she makes the choice to run.

Set against the back drop of World War Two, The Goose Mistress delves into the hidden glamour and brutality of the Nazi elite who stalked the halls of The Berghof while the rest of Europe burned. And into the woman who conquered Hitler – Eva Braun.

About the Author

Conner McAleese is a West Coast born, East Coast living, Scot. After completing his degree in History, he has completed a Masters' Degree in Writing, Practice and Study - both from the University of Dundee. 

Coming to writing late in life (unless you include an aborted story about a minotaur, which he does not) and his first love was fantasy writing. However, on reading a quote about Eva Braun being an apolitical, asexual 'nobody', his passion for women in History (and not just those who wore a crown) was born. 


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