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February 2018  |    322 Pages    |    6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Small town, rural America. The District Attorney has been murdered on his morning horseback ride. Did someone hate him enough to kill him? Or was it an outsider? Sam Nickles takes the case and digs in as it twists and turns through the quirky streets of McCracken's Bluff. What are the odds that maybe, just maybe... the horse did it?

About the Author

Sanford "Scotty" Champlin is a retired Mt. Vernon police officer that has turned writer. For 22 years he was their Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor and general Instructor, and he also led the county wide SWAT team for several years. 

Today Scott lives in Iowa and enjoys reading, writing, history, politics, and his dog Murphy. 
Scott is working on 2 more books, one being true story of a friend and the hard road he traveled, the other a Historical Fiction set in the early 1600 during the founding of America.

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