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Paperback | Kindle

Dec 2018  |    340 Pages    |    6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Comes the Dark exposes a corrupt politician's shadowy world of human depravity.In possession of information which could blow that shadowy world apart, 18-year-old Kyle escapes a life of abuse and goes on the run. One step ahead of his pursuers, he flees the harsh realities of Glasgow's homeless underworld, to the apparent safety of a remote Scottish island.There perhaps he can begin to recover from his past, and find hope, friendship, and a future.But freedom has a price...

About the Author

P.A. Turner is a proud Scot, born in Fife and currently living in Dundee. She spent her long career as a frontline social worker in the West of Scotland where her novel is set.During her years in the field, she developed a commitment to supporting victims and survivors of sexual exploitation. Her debut novel Comes the Dark reflects this and her firm belief that people can and do recover from the most awful experiences. In 2017 her writing won the prestigious Scottish Association of Writers "Constable Silver Stag" trophy, which she says gave her the confidence to publish.

P.A. Turner is now writing the sequel, "Darker Still".